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Why is the London sex party scene booming?

The London sex party scene is booming at the moment. I was not so much aware of the sex party scene in London until a girl who goes to a lot of sex parties joined us at our London escorts service. She is one of the most liberated girls that I have ever met, and as we are both bisexual, we have ended up spending a lot of time together. Sexually we are not worlds apart neither and she has taken me to several great sex parties in and around London.


We have both worked for various London escorts services in London, so we are what you may call senior London escorts. During our time in the business, we have come across a range of personal needs. Some of them have been more interesting than others, but they have made us explore our own sexual needs and comfort zones. It is surprising what needs you can find lurking at the back of your mind.


I did think that sex parties in London was not going to be for me. The first time my new friend asked me to go to a sex party, I was not comfortable. But, she sat me down and explained what happens at a sex party. It turned out that I rather had the wrong idea. You don’t need to have sex with multiple other party goers at all. If you would like to keep yourself to yourself, and only enjoy a good time with your partner, you are more than welcome to do so.


If you are not into what I call regular sex, you will not be disappointed with the London sex party scene. Our dominatrix at our London escorts service has found a couple of sex parties which cater exclusively for followers of BDSM.  To my surprise, they run every week, and if you would like to attend them, you need to fill in a form. The form is there to asses you and find out your level of experience of BDSM. It is vital to fill in that form correctly as your risk ending up in the wrong group.


The London sex party scene is sophisticated when you compare it to other parties such as swinger’s parties. Nice nibbles and champagne are always available. The first time I took a night off from London escorts to go to a sex party, I did not participate. I was still a little bit apprehensive, and just had a look around. You can do that, and it is a good idea to perhaps watch the first time. It will make your more comfortable and you get some idea of what is tolerated at a sex party in London. I must admit I am rather hooked on the London sex party scene now, and attend with my friend on a regular basis. Do we have fun? You bet that we have fun with each other and make the night more interesting for other party goers.