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Chingford is leafy suburb North East of London, and it is the home to many successful businesses. I travel to Chingford on business a lot, and I love meeting up with one of my favorite Chingford escorts specially at Traveling on business can be quite a lonely life, and it is nice to be able to meet up with somebody like Chingford escorts for a nice chat.

Chingford has a lot of nice restaurants and pubs, so it is always easy to find somewhere to take your Chingford escorts on date. We normally kick off the evening with a drink or two, and then we go off somewhere else. I wouldn’t mind living in Chingford, and I think sometime in the future I will try to move here.

At the moment I am working for a Manchester based company but I am hoping that in the not to distant future, to be able to set up my own company. It is not only Chingford escorts that attract me to the area but I do confess they have a lot to do with it. If, I decide to relocate, I will certainly make sure I buy a nice house, so that I have plenty of space to entertain my Chingford escorts.

Chingford escorts

All the Chingford escorts that I have met so far have been great girls but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my favorites. Mind you, it is not easy to pick out favorites from so many gorgeous girls.


Maya is one of the first escorts that I dated in Chingford. She is partially Indian and has this really exotic flair about her. I just love spending time with Maya. She is absolutely stunning, and has the most amazing boobs that I would just love to sink into. Another thing about Maya, is that she is a really good listener. She is just one of those girls that you can sit down and have a chat, and she always seem to have time for you.

Whenever I am in Chingford, Maya is one of the Chingford escorts that I spend a lot of time together with, and we have a great time. There is a lot of laughter and about of sexy teasing as well, if you know what I mean.


Nicole is a French lady living in Chingsford. She has the most amazing long hair, and I love ladies with long hair. We started dating a few months ago, and since then we have spent a lot of time together.

Nicole’s hair comes down way past her bum, and I just love the way she walks in her stilettos. She is just one of those girl you want to grab hold of and totally ravish. When her brown eyes look into mine I just don’t know what to do with myself, and I just want to take her home with me.

Chingford escorts are certainly in a class of their own, and I don’t think that I would like to date escorts in any other part of London.


A blow up doll or sex doll is a type of sex accessory in the shape and size of a human being. It is used in masturbation and at times it acts as a companion. It may be an entire body or a pelvic part that has a mouth, penis, anus and vagina. In the modern society, blow up dolls are more than acceptable and thus they are not outdated sex toys. Some of us have being victims of sex and love at certain points in our lives and when one is purchasing a doll, one is thinking of sex itself. Not all people have had a chance of getting sexual partners in their lives and thus preferring to use sex toys to relieve themselves rather than booking escorts in London to talk to. The following are the benefits of using a blow up doll as a sex toy:

· They act as the real thing. Today’s sex dolls are fitted with vibrating bullets and masturbating sleeves. Most of them have features which look like the real penis, vagina or anus. Most of them are likely to have more than one toy in one.

· Creates an illusion of a celebrity. Sex dolls are modelled after celebrities thus creating celebrity fantasies in peoples mind. For example we have Katy Perry blow up doll. They are the closest toys people will get for sexual pleasures than the celebrity since most of will never get to meet the celebs in person.

· No risk involved when trying new things. A sex doll doesn’t have a list of services or restrictions like London escorts as the toy has no emotions. You can have maximum pleasure without the fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, most of which are expensive to treat and more so incurable like HIV?AIDS.

· It can be a good way to practice sex when people are uncertain of their performances it can be used for different positions and it is certainly patient. They can be used to perfect love or sex making techniques such as climaxing. These toys are great for exploration rather than just discussing the theory with booked London escorts.

· They help you avoid some rituals. A man or a woman may find it difficult to discuss certain things with the partner and feels more comfortable trying them with a blow up dolls.

· Blow up dolls are cheap compared to escorts in London. This is because you purchase the doll once unlike an escort that you have to pay for companionship each and every time.

They also boost self esteem.When a person performs well with a sex toy, he or she believes that they can do the actual act better.

Sex dolls have suffered a secluded life this is because many people take them as offensive, while other people without partners will go for them instead of london escorts. However, blow up dolls are largely accepted in the modern society and thus not a big deal. and thus it Everyone is entitled to their opinion and therefore let us make an informed decision on sex dolls.

However if you want a a grown up companion who will fill your evenings with warms and proper satisfaction visit Charlotte escorts, we are sexier and a lot more fun than plastic dolls.

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London escorts are into travel for how many years. They meet different kinds of persons and different spots in the world. They gather so much information from their travel. They noted the important details that would definitely help them on how they will reach the top rated rank among the escorts agency in London city. London escorts prefer to be in a very solemn place rather into the nuance of noise. There is a great love of sexual fantasy in London escorts, because it has a good heart that wanted to settle down in some other time.

The past and ongoing costumers of the London escorts had so much belief on the genuine services that they served. If not of that they never come back and set another appointment with the London escorts girls. This kind of truth gives so much positive indication to London escorts in sex. Like the increase of numbers of clients who want to have scheduled arrange on that very moment. The North London escorts need to limit appointments in a day for a 100 number of costumers to be served the best. It is amazing to know that they need and hire ladies who have a strong passion on the kind of work they offer. It is not new to all that escorts service is not a typical way of carrier. It degrades your dignity most especially from the people who don’t have the chance to know who the  London escorts girls are. They were misjudged by those people who have the dirtiest thoughts in mind. London escorts service don’t give so much focus on this issue because it does not give positive implication to their ultimate goal and that is serve more what they can offer. As long as they don’t stoop down one’s life then everything is in control.

Prosperity through Proliferation of Porn

Not only atheist who watch porn benefits from it but also everyone who watch even if it’s a religious person. There are many reason to support this thought.

I believe a consenting adult has the right to choose who they sleep with, what they watch—whether it is a rated R movie or a porno—and what they listen to. Moreover, I believe adults who wish to watch other consenting adults engage in sexually explicit behavior may do so, as long as there is the clear understanding that all parties involved are of age and have freely given their consent. But I have sociopolitical and scientific reasons why pornography should be permitted also.

The Porn Report, published by Melbourne University Press, collected interesting statistics on porn. The researchers found that there is no difference between right wing or left wing constituents when it comes to viewing porn, and more surprising still, they found that over 60% of pornography viewers happened to be religious (interestingly enough only 32% of atheists view porn regularly).

How To Have Hardcore Oral Sex

Many man have diverse sex life fantasies that they would love to try but they are so afraid to ask any girl or don’t even know how to do it. Here are some pointers on how you can have a successful hardcore oral sex to satisfy your desire full,

Find a willing partner. Hardcore oral sex is not the taboo that it once was, and women are much more likely to participate than they used to be. But while most women will gladly let you go down on them, they’re not all willing to return the favor…and those that do won’t all work you over to full completion. Finding a woman who is a bit on the wild side, uninhibited sexually, and not afraid to swallow her pride will help ensure you stay completely satisfied.
Get her juices flowing. Going down on a girl is a great way to start off any sexual encounter, but before having hardcore oral sex, get your girl hot and ready with some foreplay. A lot of kissing, petting, and dirty talk will get her raring to go…then when you stick your head between her legs she’ll be more than eager to accept. Her clit will already be at least slightly engorged and the slightest touch from your tongue will have her moaning straight away.
Read and react. Your girl’s body and moans and groans are going to tell you a lot about how you’re doing. Use this feedback during hardcore oral sex to either keep doing what you’re doing or to adjust. She’ll let you know what she likes and you can use these cues to either speed up your pace, change tempo, change technique, slow down, or use your fingers to add to the stimulation by lightly penetrating. Properly going down on a girl means paying attention to what her body tells you to do.
Concentrate on her orgasm. The most important part of performing hardcore oral sex is your partner’s orgasm. At this point of maximum pleasure, you want to be on your game, so make sure that when you know she’s about to hit her peak you are bearing down and keeping up a steady pace with your tongue. If she is the kind of woman who has one tremendously strong orgasm, just as she hits her climax so your licking down just a bit, slowly coaxing her orgasm out of her, not bringing it to an end too quickly. If she typically has multiple orgasms, as soon as you see her descending from one, start back in again, working her back up to the next. Careful focus during this time will ensure she’s completely satisfied.
Be persuasive. While the previous steps have focused on you giving oral sex, this one focuses on the receiving end. In order to get hardcore oral sex, you are going to have a persuasive, charming lover. Make your partner feel as though she should go down on you, by being kind, considerate and thoughtful. Women like kind men, and they like to show their gratitude, so be a gentleman, and before you know it she’ll be down on her knees. Hint – good grooming, like being freshly washed and closely trimmed, will increase the likelihood she wants to do it again.