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Five Reasons Women Should Watch Porn

It’s like a taboo that women should not watch porn. I don’t know the reason behind it by i do know there are several benefits when women watch porn. I know it sound hilarious but take a look at some of them and i bet you will agree with me. Women it’s time to start watching porn to enhance your sexual life.

Arousal assistance. Has your significant other ever tried to initiate sex to no avail because you just couldn’t seem to get in the mood? Watch an adult film to help the both of you get into a sensual mood! It is a well-known fact that one of the reasons men enjoy watching porn is because men are visual creatures; however, women are visual creatures as well but many have a negative stigma about watching porn. Watching porn does not a pervert make; but it can make you a better lover and give your libido a boost. Let go of any shameful thoughts that you may have regarding porn, pop in a movie, and enjoy the feelings that come over your body as you watch hot, steamy sex…and then enjoy your own romp with your partner!

Research. Watching porn is an excellent way to learn new moves and add to your sexual expertise. From foreplay to enhancing your oral sex techniques to an exciting new sex position, you can learn all sorts of new tricks that your guy will love. The best part about this type of research is that right after you’re done; you can practice what you’ve learned on your mate. Who says learning can’t be fun?!!

To Unleash Your Inner Sex Vixen. Every man loves a woman with a little “naughty” in her. Any man that doesn’t is just, well…weird. As a woman you can impress your man with your Sex Vixen ways and join him in the bedroom for a movie viewing. Maybe when you’re done, you can make a movie of your own! Unleash your inner Sex Vixen…you both will be glad you did.

“Sexploration”. Watching porn can allow one to peak into a sexual fantasy that you may want to explore and even discover brand new fantasies that you’ve never thought of to try with your mate. For instance, watching a film with BDSM, anal play, or one with toy play will allow you and your partner to see just what you want to try with each other and it will also allow you to see how to implement the sexual act. You may even find that after your exploring that you no longer want to participate in a certain type of fantasy. It’s better to know now rather in the middle of a sexual act.

Out-of-this-world Orgasms. Many people are unaware that when you fail to incorporate all five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch; you actually diminish the intensity of your orgasm. You are literally robbing yourself of a powerful orgasm by not taking use of all your senses! Having an erotic film on during sex will take care of the sight and hearing, you can figure out the rest. Watching and hearing two people get hot with each other while you’re enthralled in your own passionate escapade will lead to one hell of an orgasm, I promise. Pow!